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Do you know your maintenance company?


If you currently have a maintenance contract with your local fish store, and you're not sure if you are getting the best service, start asking questions.  Ask to have the TDS reading on the water they are putting into you tank.  Ask them if they recommend any improvements to your tank.  If you are having a problem with coral growth or coloring, ask what you can do.  Ask if the lights are getting through the depth of your water.  
There is a lot of science involved with your aquarium and you want to ensure that the money you work hard for is paying for only the best service and quality products.



  • 1 time service
  • Monthly scheduled visits
  • Plumbing or re-plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Chillers (repairs or install)
  • Breeder of F1 Zaire Moba Frontosa
  • Coral sales - straight from the ocean or propagated
  • Fish - salt water & fresh water
  • Equipment
  • Expert advice
  • Tank moves
  • Fish QT services
  • Apex sales, programming & monitoring
  • Smiles
Read what our clients have to say about our service.  All our testimonials have pictures of that clients tank next to their comments.

Maintenance & service contracts

Whether a one time service to solve a problem that you may be having, or a service agreement, we would like to be the company you call first.  We don't believe in year long service contracts here, as it is a way to lock you into a lazy service.  We do 30 day revolving agreements for scheduling purposes only. It keeps us striving to please you at every visit.  We will also include you throughout the process, answering all your questions with expert & friendly advice.

Everything Your aQUATIC hEART dESIRES.

At FLPA, we have a passion for what we do and if you're reading this, then you do too.  We would love the opportunity to bring a piece of the ocean, rivers & lakes of the world into your home or office.  To give you a peek into the aquatic world.  Let us help guide you in the amazing journey.

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