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D. IN DALLAS        NOVEMBER 14 2015

Man Jose you or one of the best guy to do business with you always know your product it's always a pleasure doing business with you once again thanks  

D. C. IN DALLAS           JANUARY 2 2016

“So many choices! Glad we found you!!”

"I have had the pleasure of meeting (and later working closely with) Mr. Cruz as he has overseen two intensive tank builds with me this year in 2016. For these projects, Jose comprehensively designed, plumbed, suggested & supplied livestock, advised on lighting, circulation, dosing, feeding and much more. As an engineer by trade, I have experienced that "deer in headlights" look from LFS reps countless times when asking semi-technical reefing questions that I assumed they would be able/equipped/trained to answer. In contrast, the night/day difference I experienced with Jose as he was able to answer those questions on technical aspects of lighting, plumbing, fluid/circulation dynamics, water quality, dosing, and testing flat-out blew me away. In short, my expectations were wildly exceeded. 

Jose is a jack-of-all-trades. He has a diverse background that allows him to leverage approaches to problem solving not constrained to just the aquarium/reefing industry, and does not become fixated on a solution without fully exploring all alternatives. I can attest to his technical eye for detail, clear communication, and innate ability to approach design challenges… all while dealing with novice experience-level clients like myself (this alone is a true talent). There is no doubt that he gained at least some  of these revered qualities from his service in the United States Army, as I recently learned of from one of our recent conversations. Since I began dealings with FLPA, my level of overall knowledge & reef/livestock husbandry has grown by leaps & bounds and I attribute all of these "level-ups" to Jose’s experience level & quality of service he provides.

In conclusion, I highly recommend all services offered by Front Line Pro Aquatics and will absolutely hope to be a repeat customer of this company in the future."

T.Q.  IN DALLAS              JULY 5 2016

C.L in red oak       november 3 2015

You should be proud

JC:  This is the client owned 1200g, you can click on the tab at the top for entire project.  This picture is ONLY the left side of the aquarium

A.P  IN addison           September 11 2014

   Front line has been servicing my 100 Gallon tank for nearly a year now.  They are very knowledgeable, professional, timely and hard working. They make and keep appointment times and go out of their way to earn their money.   I had an emergency with my home tanks when on vacation and they arrived within hours of my call to help save my fish.  Thanks to them, I only had the few  fish die that had died before they arrived.   Thank you Frontline!