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front line pro aquatics, llc

I enjoy collecting different types of anemones, i generally stock the hard to get, the unique and the beautiful  ones.  i am lucky enough to have a few red hadoni that i occasionaly put up for sale

I am a local breeder of  zhaire blue moba frontosa f0 M'Toto.  I also breed festae, green terror, red terror, jack dempsey, eureka red, rusty's, snake skin discus and much more.  

  No picture  is photo shopped or touched up. All pictures are property of front line pro aquatics, llc

Salt water corals

We have 2 types of corals for sale.  We bring in pieces from divers who go all over the world looking for only the best corals available.  We also propagate corals.  We quarantine and treat all wild corals.  We offer a 15% discount on propigated corals to those who hold a service agreement

Salt Water Fish

We order our fish from wholesalers around the United States.  We quarantine them for at least 2 weeks, even if you order it in.  We treat them if needed.  I will not sell anyone a sick fish.  I warranty all my sales for 14 days. 
Conditions apply for warranty.