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Joe Cruz - Owner
     Reef Junkie

​I found a lot of people who want to have beautiful aquariums in their homes or place of business, but couldn't find the help they needed.  I have taken tanks failing for over a year, and turned them around in a matter of weeks.  I have a passion for this, and strive to give you not only an aesthetically pleasing tank, but a healthy one.

WC Moba Frontosa

This is some of the Moba Colony.  I flew them over to the USA in 2010. 

Garf Bonzai

I prefer pieces that stand out in a tank, and where I can track lineage

Green Frosted Anenome

I enjoy the unique pieces that are rarely found and that I feel define the beauty of what our oceans have to offer

F1 Fry

A batch of fry.  I personally strip the moms of the eggs taking care not to damage them.


  • With purchasing power direct from the divers who go overseas, we are able to get you unique corals, at great prices
  • Coral propagation - ensuring the survival of our oceans while allowing you to enjoy the beauty in your own surroundings.


  • With purchasing power from wholesales, we are able to offer below retail on most fish you would want (dependent on availability of wholesalers stock)
  • Breeding of Moba Frontosa.  I have flown my colony in straight from the Congo, Africa.  The colony is all wild caught.  I am the only breeder (to my knowledge) of this type of fish in the Dallas area.


Frontline Pro Aquatics, LLC., is the  result of my love for fish & corals.  I started years ago with a couple tanks, then onto breeding fresh water fish, and jumped into salt water.  I found out that I love the corals, the fish, the beauty and tranquility that aquariums offer.  I also found out that I'm a bit of a reef geek and so started my obsession & passion for all things related to the worlds waters    
  • 30 day revolving contracts - for scheduling purposes only
  • 24 hours - emergency calls OK
  • Plumbing & rebuilds
  • Electrical set up
  • Communication programming
  • Chiller repairs
  • Breeder of Moba Frontosa WC
  • Below retail on salt water & fresh water fish, corals, invertebrates, anemone and equipment
  • Maintenance / Service to all tanks / aquariums
  • Water filtration
  • Insured


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